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Sorry I didn't take any shots of the trans side of the clutch - the trans is now back on the engine. The throwout arm is anchored to a ball pivot inside the bellhousing on the driver's side with the slave pushing on the passenger's side. The Benz is different from many as the throwout arm does not come thru the bellhousing like on most other cars.

If you can borrow an inspection camera (technically, a borescope) you could look thru the small opening on the bottom of the bellhousing and see if the throwout arm has failed. I had one (not a M-B) that had pushed the ball thru the arm. Theoretically, the dimple that engages the slave could wear thru or the arm itself could fail in such a way that the slave couldn't push the throwout bearing onto the clutch cover.

COSTCO has borescopes on sale from time to time and I never seem to be able to talk myself into buying one - but they sure are handy. We had one at work back in my working days and we used it a LOT!

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