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I have just finished the steering pump repairs. Proud to announce the replacement pump is working wonderfully . Since I completely drained the system, I did have to replace nearly 2 quarts of fluid (surprise!!). It did tend to make a racket while working all the air out of the system. Found if junior slowly worked the wheel left to right, I could slowly top off the system. After about 10 minutes had all the air worked out, pump running silent.

Now, once all the wheel turning was done, I noticed a few drips of fluid on thye driveway, just inside the left front tire. Put the car on ramps and checked it out. Found there was a very slow drip forming at a weep hole on the botton side of the steering box. This weep hole is located between the pitman shaft and frame. The entire area appears to be one cover, held on by several allen head bolts. Is the weepage due to the air in the system, overpressuring the system while working out the air, or is it a sign I am soon to be rebuilding a steering box?

It looks to be fairly straight forward to remove, although a tight fit. Left tie rod, drag link and steering damper, and the pitman arm out of the way. Three bolts attaching to the frame, the two steering lines and whatever connecting the steering shaft to the box. The latter is the only connection I couldn't see clearly, is there supposed to be a rubber coupler in the area? I felt around but couldn't tell if there was one or not.


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