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Actually I ended up finding 3 screws... I remove that plastic part and put it back again but I remained with the same problem

The space between that plastic part and the soft-top compartment door is different on both sides of the car (approx. 1.5 milimiter diff.). The result is that the rubber seal between the two pieces does not fit as it was supposed to when I open or close the top (please see the diagram below).

Since the space between the two pieces was different I tried to "push" the plastic piece further to the left (unscrewing it and fitting it back again) in order to the rubber seal fit properly. I've found that there is not much freedom concerning the position of this plastic piece and I ended up not solving the problem... I need to push in the rubber seal (manually) each time I close/open the soft-top

I've also looked for some "adjustment" screw in the soft-top compartment door but it seems well in place, i.e., the distances around the compartment door and the body of the car seem O.K. and are the same all around.

As far as I know the car had no accident that justifies the approx. 1.5 milimiter difference in the space between the two pieces.

Any suggestions on how could I "adjust" this??

Thanks in advance
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