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Timing chain cover

Hi there,

Just did the top, timing chain cover seal on my 103. Not a big deal.

Removed the fan shroud
Remove plug wires
Remove valve cover
distributor cap
bolts retaining the cover
water return pipe located directly under the distributor (it's bolted to block, did not see bolt and bent pipe trying to pull it off).
pull off cover and replace all the related seals.

Note: Will need new water return pipe seal (black rubber seal).
I performed tune up at same time, no sense in putting old rotor and cap back on. Only factory recommended sealant should be used for back corners of seal (timing cover lip seal). Can purchase on this website (I did).

Whole job can easily be done in an afternoon.

Good luck,

PS> Does look like timing cover leak, I also noted that my alternator was covered in oil from leak.
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