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M103 Engine Torque Specifications

I have been rebuilding a 1990 300E M103 engine for a few months now and I am ready to get it all back together but I don't have any of the torque specifications. I have ordered a manual from Phil at the partsshop but the manual is back ordered. Not only am I anxious to get this engine rebuilt, but I am also trying to meet a deadline that was set for me. If anyone could supply me with any of the torque specs on any of the bolts on the engine, it would be greatly appreciated.

Donnie or Bill, if it would be possible, could you make me a photocopy of the pages in the book or let me come down to MB Autowerks and make photocopies. I would be glad to pay you for your time. I just really need any specifications that I can get. Anyone who can list anything here...that would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou again.
George Carstens
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