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Man, I drove the W140 today with the 3.5L still in it. Wow is all I can say. I've had over 8 W126's short and long wheelbase, OM617 and OM603's, 1981-1991 models, and I still say wow. This car drove like a dream. I still love the 126's (and 123's for that matter), but this is a whole new level of smoothness, silence, comfort, ride, and overall feel. Very excited to get a new powerplant in it. I bet this will be the ultimate in comfort on the highway. I bought a W211 E320CDI to use on long trips to get over 40MPG, but the comfort and substantial presence I've been accustomed to feeling just isn't there, and everything just feels all plasticy, like most other recent model cars. Still an engineering marvel for economy, and power, and roadworthyness on the highway, and it feels worlds better than the W210 I had for a very short time interior-wise and fit and finish, but just not there vs. the older ones. That said, I was amazed at the way this car felt driving it. I understand they are over the top as far as complexity, but hopefully I can weather that to enjoy this one for a while to come.
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