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I have had a Mighty Vac type hand held Vacuum Pump since the 1980s. Way back then I took a Jelly Jar and drilled 2 Holes in it and shoved some Plastic Vacuum fittings into the Holes with Epoxy around them.
I use that in conjunction with some Vacuum Hoe and use the Hand Held V Pump to bleed the Brakes. The old Fluid goes into the Jar.

But, lately what I do on the Mercedes is I build up the Vacuum and get the Brake Fluid in the Line moving and I disconnect the Hand Held V Pump and walk away for awhile. Gravity does the rest of the Bleeding job.
It is only needed to return and check the Fluid Level in the Master Cylinder.

The only thing I don't like about the setup is the Glass Jar that can break. But, since the 1980s I have managed not to break the Jar.
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