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Re: Well, you can try what I did with my car...

Originally posted by J.HIDALGO

By the way, were you driving in a straigh line when you noticed this? ANy warning lights on in the instrument cluster?
Yes, I was on the highway. Here are my conditions when this happens:
Cruising at 80MPH, outside temp was 40 degrees F and engine temp was 90 degrees C. This happened after about 25 minutes drive after the car sat outside for about 8 hours. The oil gauge dropped to 0 for about 10 seconds then it backed up to 3. No warning light whatsoever. I haven't seen it do that before nor did it do it again. I am keeping an eye on it and will check the connections to the sending unit whenever I get a chance (have to remove lower cover and crawl underneath car to do that).
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