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Help me NOT to take it to bits!

G'day folks - calling all diesel heads!

I'm arsing about with this stoopid petrol engined car I've bought =>

To cut a long story short. The head gasket is leaking oil into the coolant. No evidence of it going the other way yet.

So I need to change the head gasket. Gasket bought and is on site.

Two guide rail pins are seriously stuck in the head and won't come out. I've tried many a thing to remove them => heat, penetrating fluid, swearing etc etc.

Now I can get the head most of the way off with these pins in place but the chain will still be stuck.

I noticed on the Russian EPC that this engine has a front cover for the timing chain and so I reckoned OK take that off - now I've learnt that there's an oil pick up tube that needs to be removed first and that's under the crank - so the sump needs to come out. To get the sump out you need to lift the engine...

...I'm now tempted to finish off rebuilding the 5 speed gearbox (parts somewhere in Germany I understand) - take out the engine and gearbox fix that sodding head gasket on the engine out of the car and do loads more work than planned...

This is exactly what happened with my W123 300D - one "logical" step followed the other and before you know it I'm writing DIY articles for you lot!

Bugger bugger bugger...

So diesel heads - what the f*** do you think I should do?
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