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I voted for the tow truck - But only based on having similar situations and not having your mechanical skills or energy.

Decision Point 1. (aka First Mistake)
I once had the turbo blow pieces of metal into my 300D's engine. Towed it to reliable repair shop 150 miles away. Initial diagnosis - turbo trashed, bits of it in cylinders, holes in pistons. Piece of what looked like air cleaner nut in one cylinder (I had had car in quick lube and it seems they had dropped nut into air intake - could not and didn't try to prove it. Car already had some rust. Car was worth $1000 as-is at that time. Decided to buy used low mileage engine, which was rebuilt (valves, liners, injectors, etc) Shop installed it. $8000 in 2001. (have done about 100k km since then)

Decision point 2.
Rust developing around wheel arches and front fenders need replacing. Maaco had just opened and offered their best repaint job plus repair of rust and new fenders for $3000. Went with that. Paint has stood up well.

Decision point 3. (Described in bodywork forum)
Exterior bodywork excellent but while touching up paint noticed some rust on frame parts in rear wheel well. This started the search for rust which is almost complete. Total cost so far close to $3k and that only because I found a low cost shop to do welding. Still a lot of work to do to complete job. I am running out of steam

Would I make the same decisions given 20-20 hindsight? No! I bought a 98 E320 while engine was being rebuilt to bring our fleet to 4 cars (for two of us).
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