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Originally Posted by Doktor Bert View Post
I had to chuckle at this...

A few months ago, before we moved, I thought about selling the 1978 300SD just to keep from moving it. I advertised it for $2,500.00 for a quick sale, quite literally, just to get rid of it.

Everyone kept saying, "Well, you know, the wood is cracked in a few places and the dash has cracks, so we will offer you $1,500.00"

I just laughed that off and told my wife we will just keep it.

I would be more interested in a car that can (as this one has done) commute 1,200 miles a week for over a year without a roadside failure as opposed to a few strips of wood, but that's just me I guess...
Some people are just professional chiselers. They know minor cosmetics don't really affect the value of these old cars but can't resist making the low ball offer.

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