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Originally Posted by Equestrian View Post
Id be really interested in knowing who makes Chevy's powerplant. Mercedes and VW have a longstanding diesel tradition and alot of "practice" at building solid motors. Chevy's attempts have left me less than inspired. And even then most of their motors are outsourced not built by them. I wonder if its an in house design or what? Half a durmax?
It's made by GM of Europe, and has been in service there for a few years. Additionally, the choice of NOX controls is not DEF or no DEF, it's DEF or something else- retarded timing, more EGR, and in the case of larger engines, a NOX adsorber catalyst. DEF allows the engine to run the way it's supposed to and the NOX is cleaned up afterwards. Regardless of how the NOX is controlled, ALL diesel engines are equipped with particulate traps which require periodic regeneration. The use of DEF reduces that because the engine is running cleaner to begin with.
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