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Thank you all for the replies! Considering how it has gone in the past, I had given up. Maybe I will get pictures/question(s) together and make a new thread.

Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post
Bummer, usually the post office is the safest way to send cash....I've sent thousands of dollars through in gold...and jewelry...

You can always add insurance onto the letter, the people at the post office would always got shocked when I said insure this vanilla envelope for 3500$

Don't worry, your not the only mentally ill person here
Well, glad to know I was apparently the only one to be taken advantage off... Maybe I need to be more positive and say at least it wasn't more!

Really?! I wonder why that wasn't suggested? Maybe I need to talk to them, as know packages are automatically insured for up to $100. Been meaning to go to the district post office, as not getting my mail, but getting my neighbor's mail. Spoke to the mail man and he said he be more careful...

Well, I have three diagnoses, can you beat that?

Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
Personal check or paypal.

Took me forever to go to paypal, but it sure is convenient. However, he won't take a personal check? Seems unusual, the standard method is let it clear into your account before shipping goods, pretty low risk. No one steals filled out checks, or if he absolutely refuses to take a check, go get a money order from a bank or post office
Rollguy said Federal Notes or gold, that is it. I had a mobile mechanic who was like that because the government pulled all his money from his bank account for some reason. Rollguy seems nice, but was a challange to work with, but have to accept I can be difficult too. Almost thinking since the A/C has fixed itself, just wait until I have other things done and get the commercial kit. Costs more, but I don't have to risk cash again?
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