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Originally Posted by BenzDieselTuner View Post
i have the same condition and let me tell you, it is a very hard struggle, every single day......also deal with constant episodes of PTSD from things that were done to me as an adolescent, so believe me, i can understand your frustrations possibly better than you can !! i have been obsessive over Benz's for over a decade now, even though for a few years i quit participating in any online Benz activities, due to being discouraged by being given a hard time by a bunch of imbeciles, and then being accused of not knowing what i was talking about, so many times, that i just said, in the classic Cartmann style "screw you guys, i'm going home!" and just stopped logging in one day.....for 4 years !!

good to meet you....and to the other people reading this, people with High Functioning Autism have absolutely no capacity for "BS", and are extremely blunt, so if it ever seems we are being rude, it isnt on purpouse......we love FACTS and tend to be information junkies (thus lurking late night on classic Mercedes-Benz forums, between studying other things, while enjoying a pipe and the finest electronic music ) and may just know a whole lot about whatever subject it is we are talking about.....
Oh sweet Jesus, another one...I think we need our own section on the forum now

PTSD is a horrible issue, you always hear about soldiers coming back with this condition, and you never think other people can get it. Then so many people her PTSD and automatically assume your a vet, they can't comprehend it.

I am so with you on that page...I just want to get away to a cabin in the woods, my sound system back....and away from people....just give me mj, music and my car....and I will never bother people again

I am sick of being around people, I get the crazy eye stare even worse, because people in the neighborhood always see me tinkering on the car....and think there is some serious stuff up with me...lord sorry, I like to work on mechanical stuff and fix sorry I am not all for sitting on the couch for hours in end playing some game system...

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