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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Or, at least our own gruppe! The Diesel Funny Farm! Where we sit around fiddling with our Mercedes! (Rather than out toes.)

Careful what you say! I deleted so you can. Got to outsmart the bacon.

You forgot the dog, man's best friend! Got to have some kind of companion so as not commit the worse act. I seriously want to get to a point where I can do my designs for a lease a week all by myself or with a few other A.S.D. folks. Have to for five years first to get my license.

There is a reason why I work in the back yard! Though, my neighbor watches over the wall and comments how I need to clean up the back yard. He doesn't understand that keeping the Mercedes on the road to get to University is more important!
That sounds like a plan! Let's get enough people on board and look for a nice property to rent.....somewhere when we decide to go crazy, strip to our birthday suit and run around screaming no one can complain plus there must be a nice large covered spot so we tinker with our toys out of the elements..

True, I honestly think my phone calls and emails are still being read...scary to think that...every now and then I get a message saying my account was logged into...

I need someone or thing to carry on a conversation with....I will opt for a parrot, that way it doesn't seem so crazy when I argue with myself
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