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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Yep, you never mentioned it despite me asking what precautions to take. I put it in a concealed envelope with a plastic baggy. Not your fault I am not good a communicating, just frustrated.

Also, you never specified you like to know package sent and received. That might have helped in processing this right.

So, guess that means you are ending the deal. Double whammy of hurt. Bummer! Well, guess it isn't what it seemed. At least there is the other kit out there, but supposedly not as good and wanted to go small business and reward your hard work. I can only do so much, and feel bad I can't help you out. I love helping folks out to my detriment...
I hope I did not imply that the deal is ended. I saved the last kit for you, and am still willing to sell it to you if you still want it. Yes proper communication was lacking by both of us in this case, but I hope to learn from this....Rich
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