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Question your MPG input on W202, 4 and 5 speeds?

i would like to get others input on their MPG experience on W202 cars, especially C-280's with either 4 or 5 speed autobox.

i just replaced my 300e with a 95 C-280 W202, and got just under 24 MPG driving about 700 hwy miles at high speeds (~85-95 MPH) without the AC.

that seems a little low to me. i burned minimum 92 OCT gas, the air filter is a clean mann, and i will change fuel filter asap also. i also ran a bottle of Techron thru returning 300 miles from x-mas with virtually the same MPG.

what MPG do you get? city? hwy? AC? what hwy speeds? etc.

am i too optimistic about getting the 26-27 MPG i've read about without dropping the hwy speeds down to 55 MPH?

any and all input will be GREATLY appreciated! thanks, - benton
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