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transmission leak on W126

Hi everybody,
I have an 1987 420 SEL with about 47k miles on it.
The transmission leaks on the driverside (see picture).
I was told there are 3 o-rings behind that cover at about $1 each and about 1 hour of labor involved.
Here is what I think I should have done:
1. fix leak
2. replace fluid, filter and gasket on pan
3. replace B2 piston while pan is off, as it is supposedly accessible on this transmission when pan is off and failure prone, i.e. cheap insurance to replace it.

Does that sound reasonable to you and how many hours should be involved for the professional mechanic (I do not attempt to do this)?

I also want to replace the subframe mounts, the trans. mount and the flex discs at the drive shaft in the near future.
Would it make sense to have the trans. mount done at the same time or should I keep this just separate?

There is no immediate need to do the suspension and drive shaft work, I just like to get the car in "as new" condition as I intend to keep it for a long time.

Thanks for your help/opinion.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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