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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
That Dalai Lama fellow sounds pretty smart.

I voted "Something Else". Take alternate transport to England if you don't get the car done in time. I've seen a few Top Gear challenges in which James and Richard take a train or a ferry somewhere while racing Jeremy in a car. Jeremy usually gets there first, but the other blokes seem to have a more pleasant trip. Then when you have time, find another head without the corrosion issues or just swap in a diesel engine. Petrol engines are for motorbikes and sports cars.
I got the engine and everything back together today - I had to go and buy some cheap temporary parts because the ones I ordered still haven't turned up. Really I don't get it - all they have to do is pick up the part off of a shelf and put it in a box and write my name and address on it and give it to the courier. How hard can it be? They're a bunch of %%%%ing retards...

...I "did" Eurostar in February this year with my youngest daughter. I don't fancy my chances with three children on public transport. This head gasket has to hold - there's nothing else for it!
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