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Originally Posted by Secondaries View Post
I am hoping the problem is the two tangs on the tumbler itself has sheared off! Otherwise that means I need a new... what? Steering lock? Even if I grind the pin and get the wheel turning, does that ,mean I can't start the car without replacing the steering lock?
Well it is a Can of Worms.

Assuming the Steering Colum Lock is still good. If you remove it from the Steering Colum you can go 2 directions.

You can cut the Sleeve off and get out the Lock Tumbler.
If you get the Lock Tumbler Out and the Steering Colum Lock is still good you should be able to stick something inside to turn it so you can use the Car.

If after the Steering Colum Lock is out you manage to get the Electrical Connector off it exposes the screws that hold in the Ignition Switch and Housing.
Once that is separated from the Steering Colum Lock you can use some Nuts on the end of the Ignition Switch Screws to hold the Switch in the Housing; re-connect the Electrical Connector and use a Screwdriver to turn the Ignition Switch.

Depending on what your Goal is there could be another solution. That would be to drill out the Tumbler. If you look in the DIY Section there should be some info on that. I think that will allow removal of the Tumbler Sleeve.
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