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The 300CE started in 1988 for $52,500. In 1990, it received the m104 3.0-24valve engine with 217hp versus the 3.0 m103's 177hp. In 93, it received a bigger version of the m103, a 3.2 which increased the torque. Here are the figures:

m103 3.0 (88-89) - 177hp@5700, 188lb.ft.@4400
m104 3.0 (90-92) - 217hp@6400, 195lb.ft.@4600
m104 3.2 (93-95) - 217hp@5500, 229lb.ft.@3750

The biggest difference between the m103 3.0 and m104 3.0 besides the 24v, are that it has an upgraded version of the fuel injection system (KE-III v. the KE-V) and the difference between the m104 3.0 and m104 3.2 is the new HFM fuel injection system.

Also, the m103 ran a compression of 9.2:1, while the m104 ran 10:1.

In 1990, the retail was $55,700 and in 93 went to $61k. In 95, they sold for $63k.

Right now, a 95 E320 Coupe retails for w/60k miles reatiles for a little under $35k.
A 93 300CE coupe w/84k miles runs for under $22,500.
A 90 w/120k miles runs for under $15k.
An 88 w/ 144k runs for under $10k.

Hopw this helps.

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