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The more room you have to open the door the better. Roll down your window. Take out the little interior piece at the upper front. Make sure you locate and remove all the screws. Take off the two plates that cover the seat switch adjustments (be careful when prying start from one side and pry). Take out the interior light on the door panel and disconnect wire. I can't remember if there's a screw that holds down the door handle to the door itself. (Prolly not)Grab the inside door handle and push in and up. This will release the hooks within. There's quite a few. Once you get a few off you can see how they actually hold on. Once all the hooks are loose, moe to the top of the panel, and push down and in again to release the interior weather strip seal. There's 3 or 4 metal retaining hooks. Once you get one the ends off the rest should follow. Try not to tear the plastic sheet.

Install in reverse order

Take your time

It should take about 10 - 30 minutes

Good luck
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