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Originally Posted by macdoe View Post
I think that the damper on my 84 euro 300d n/a looks different than the damper on my 79 300d n/a U.S version. It is too dark to check right now, but I remember noticing differences... I vote for seized or dragging bearings on accesory belt driven components for example a/c compressor and alternator bearings as a possible cause for balancer problems. In my case a/c compressor was tested by hotwiring the clutch to come on with engine was seized and stalled the motor when we touch the wires to power. The next day on the way to work the damper failed.
According to the German FSM the 300D N/A got a different (smaller) vibration damper in 1982 (from VIN 123130..298284)

That vibration damper includes a pulley.

According to the FSM the new vibration damper can be installed on old engines, but no mention if the old damper can be installed on new engines.

Parts numbers are A6170300103 for the old damper, A6170300803 for the new one.

There might also be a A6170300403 for very old vibration dampers (pre 1979) but that part number isn't listed for US models.
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