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I have a new O2 sensor, however it wasn't specifically made for my car(that doesn't mean it's good)..I bought a sensor for a 90 302 Mustang.. The connector was already missing, as somone before me had hardwired one in already.. I don't know why they cut the wires before the connector..

There are two whites, and a black wire.. I know that the two whites are for the heater, and the black is signal..

Should both white wires be +12V?? With the ignition on, or is one of them ground.. I want to make sure the wires are actually OK too???
I won't get a chance to do any further testing until Saturday morning.

I'm pretty sure I can fix this if I can collect enough info. At some point, time becomes a factor though..
I've got until Sunday to fix it.. Then it goes in the shop, I bite the bullet, and get on with my life..

Thanks for the help

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