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Thanks Stretch and Govert for the part number info. I actually paid Startekinfo for worldwide EPC info a few years back and had no luck at all accessing the website. Perhaps now that I have a more up to date computer, I'll try again.

Stretch, I appreciate your gentle humor in the link name! One of the things I've admired about you while reading your posts is that you combine knowledge with patience and good humor. Sometimes the information cost (time and confusion, what/who to trust) of internet searches just overwhelms me.

macdoe, the scenario you describe of an oddball part jerry rigged to make do is exactly what has my head spinning. Going to the link Stretch provided for EPC it does seem that the European and US part numbers for non-turbo motors match.

I have to go to work for one of my long shifts, so I just had about 10 minutes to scan all these replies. Tonight or tomorrow I'll really get into it and get started on my part search for purchase.
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