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Originally Posted by OM617YOTA View Post
Thanks 911, that looks a lot like the one I bought. I will have a shutoff at a certain vacuum level and the only thing it will be running is the brake booster. Duty cycle intermittent.
After it is installed give us some feed back.
Are you going to use the stock Toyota Check Valve?

One of the American Car companies is using a Similar Vacuum Pump but instead of being made in Europe it is made in Mexico.

My Volvo Diesel occasionally exhibits some Vacuum Pump deficiency.
I was thinking about T-ing in the Electric Vacuum Pump with a Check Valve (I have that already) and hooking the Vacuum Pump to a Switch so that when I apply the Brakes Pedal it turns the Vacuum Pump on and releasing the Brake Pedal turns the Vacuum Pump off.
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