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Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
Well I have to say that the belts I provide with the Sanden retrofit kits are in fact cheap belts. I was told they were made by Goodyear, but I am sure they have different grades of belts. I have had to adjust the tension only once so far on my 240, and have not needed to do it yet on the 300 (7 cyl Sanden). I do know by experience that once they start to squeal and slip, they are not the same. I imagine that the cheaper belts are softer rubber, and probably won't last as long even in the best of conditions. It would be nice to know how the other buyers of the kits I have sold are doing with the belt provided.....Rich
Just for the record, although I'm using a modified version of the Sanden bracket, I am not using one of Rollguy's belts, so please don't associate my situation with what he's providing. I got mine at the local parts store by handing the counter guy the old belt and saying that I need one 1/2 shorter. In doing more careful research this time around, I believe I got a belt that was too big 17mm vs the 15mm one that Rollguy uses.
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