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Normally I'd recommend the Regal. The Caddy i wouldn't trust as far as I could throw it, and a 93 4Magic? No way, not recommended.....last car I would own.
The only hesitation I have with recommending the Regal is that it's a GS. I believe in 98, the GS option has the supercharged 3800. They first of all have a tendency to blow intake manifold gaskets, secondly require premium fuel, and lastly, the 3800 doesn't "need" to be supercharged, it'll just get you into trouble and they have higher insurance premiums.
The naturally aspirated 3800 has good power in the Regal body, a little underpowered in the larger chassis they put them in to, but it's a good engine. The naturally aspirated 3800 runs good on regular gas too, and the front drive 3800 cars have good traction in the snow using a good set of all-season tires only.

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