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Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
I will be in charge of the maintenance of this VW, and under my obsessive watch I am sure it has 200k+ in its a 6 speed, so no stupid auto box to worry about. However, should it have any scary or expensive failures while under warranty, then I will be trading it.
My neighbour has a 2012 TDI wagon with manual transmission. Prior to that he had a Jetta wagon.

I think he is reasonably satisfied, but he has had some electronic problems. One day his car just would not start (it would not even turn over). I went over and we tried a few things. But it was completely dead. He called the dealership and they came over. The service guy turned the key and it started right up. He said they could not fix it if it was working!

A few days later, same thing again, so they towed it in. In end it was the ECU which they changed out. Given this experience, he is going to trade it at end of 4 yr warranty. (5 year on power train?) But like many of us, he doesn't want another complex computer operated car - but then what else is there?

I am looking at getting a GLK diesel, but it is a bit pricey.
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