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Help with vibration or rattle when accelerating from a stop. 1980 300SD Diesel

My 1980 300SD started to vibrate or rattle (not grind) from what seems like under the hood and in front of the passenger seat. It happens right when I accelerate and usually vibrates twice before it stops. I'm not feeling any vibration in the gas pedal or steering wheel. The car is driving, shifting very well.

ALL noises only happen after stopping completely and then accelerating. Once it's moving there is no noise. If I let off the brake and start to idle first before accelerating, it doesn't happen. It happens almost every time when I turn LEFT. It happens sometimes when I'm going straight and not yet at all when I'm turning right.

I recently repaired my air filter canister since the three mounting bolts had sheared off. I thought it my be that again by it's still nice and snug.

Any common things that it could be? My common sense says it's wheel related or maybe the brakes are sticking? I'm a car-repair newbie and while some stuff I'm fine with tackling myself (maintenance, minor electrical stuff, etc) most things are out of my comfort range and overall knowledge. Just hoping to get some ideas from y'all so I have an idea of potential problems before I take it in to a shop. Knowing is half the battle
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