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I had a PM from a new member (MBOCD - see below) that confirms what you guys are saying. My 85 does have holes in the carpet. EPC shows the holes, so I guess they made them all the same. I would have expected a plug to cover the hole, but there were none there and this is the first time seats have been out of car. Anyway, I am going to put a piece of aluminum tape over the holes before replacing the carpet.

Thanks for the input! Hoping to have interior back together in a day or two.

Hey I'm just registered so my posts won't show up until a modeartor checks them I guess!

I'm pretty sure if that hole is located on the inside of the rocker channel just ahead of the B-Pillar it is for a securing bolt used with seats that have no height adjustment. There is a long bolt that goes from the inside of the outer rear seat rail frame support, out the other side, then there is a sleeve which slides over that covering the threads and serving as a spacer and then that end of the bolt threads into a captive nut which is suspended down through that slot above the hole.
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