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W124 Door Reassembly Problem

I took the driver's (LF) door of my '95 E300 (W124, OM606NA) apart to search for a rattle (so far not found). In these later models (after 1992) is a white plastic cover (for water protection) that slips over the pneumatic lock actuator and is attached by one screw at the bottom.

I was able to get the cover out but now can't get it back into the correct spot. No matter how I try to slide the cover up into place (working mostly blind, of course) the cover interferes with the later installation of the outside door handle.

FSM isn't much help -- it says only "remove" and "replace." Since the plastic cover is limited to later (possibly facelift, definitely post-1992) models, some of you may not have experience -- early models lack this cover. For those of you who do, what's the secret? I'd really like to get the door back together!


Edit: The cover is noted in FSM section 80-215 (Central Locking System) and covers "sedan and station wagon from ident End No. A 391256 / F 025886."
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