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Originally Posted by adamkat22 View Post
i have an 82 300TD and the other day it didn't start. glow plugs and dash light but nothing happened when i turned the key. not even a click. next day it started. drove it a few more times and it was fine, but now am afraid to take it anywhere because i don't want to get stranded.

had a 240D with sporadic no-start issues but with that one i could access the starter to jump it with a screw driver (and it was stick so i would always just park on a hill just in case). with this one is standard and the starter is hard to access so i'm a little hesitant to take it out till i know whats up.

could it be the starter? ground issue? what things should i carry with me to prepare for the next time this happens?
You can jump the Starter at the Wire Terminal/Junction Block in front of the Battery on the Turbo 300Ds. See Pic

My neutral safety switch thread
Neutral Safety Switch Troubleshooting 84 300D

If bypass the Neutral Safety Switch allows it to start all of the Time it could be the Neutral Safety Switch or the Shifter Bushings.

Cleaning the contact points of the Engine to Chassis Ground (about where your Feet are but under the Car), the Chassis to Battery Ground and the Battery Terminals can only help your Electrical System out; so it is a good idea to do that.
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