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Advise with daily drive tune up

OK so I ve got a w210 E300TD, that I use for my daily drive, im basically looking for more power out of it, ive done all the usual mods and looking for some more advise on others.

Ive put the resistor in to increase boost and also the resistor/ Diode mod for the EGR disable. Ive also just installed a EGT probe pre turbo ready for chip tuning. Cat internals have been removed keeping the exhaust section inplace

Now I have disabled the EGR can I remove the section of pipe with the UFO in it and fabricate and spacer or does it need to stay inline for the ECU/limp home?

Transmission is slow to change gears, im getting the kit together to do a fluid change but is there anything that can be done so that it reacts quicker specially on take off and kick down.

Can I put a bigger turbo in keeping the stock exhaust manifold, is there anything thats a direct swaps onto the exhaust manifold flange giving me more air or is it a new manifold/turbo jobby.

Can i turn the boost up any more using a manual boost controller or playing with the waste gate.

your input would be appreciated
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