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Any tips/tutorials for 240D head gasket replacement?

Hi, All-

About 6 months ago my 240D started to make a horrible "chuffing" sound while I was driving it. I thought it must be a broken glow plug or something, but I found that the gas was escaping between the head and block on the number 3 cylinder. At night, you can see a small flame there. I parked the car, and have finally got ready to try and fix it.

I can't see anything it could be besides the head gasket, but it is a strange failure mode I haven't heard of before. In any case, I got the head gasket kit, and am about to pull the head and see if that is what is going on.

Does anyone have any tips about doing this? Photos or a tutorial would be great. I have the factory service manual (on CD, ugh).


Max Behensky
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