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Thanks All.
I will be spending this coming weekend inspecting and cleaning all electronic connections, I see value in your opinions.
Are there any hidden wires / connectors that I should be looking for? What is the best method for cleaning sensor / computer / relay connections?
I will also be spending time to check the entire Vacuum system (based upon previous suggestions). I found a 1/8" severed hose between the Valve cover and some small cylinder by the intake housing. - Replaced this and noticed minor positive changes, will continue to check hoses. Anyone have any specific suggestions?
Brian - Thanks for your help, I am a Yorkshire descendant myself and have been here in California for 5 years. Miss the local Pubs and the Boddingtons. Hopefully you are enjoying your time in Milton Keynes.

Thanks all,
Will keep you informed on the Saga!


88 300 CE
82 300 SD
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