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Thankyou for your inputs.
I will be spending this weekend checking and cleaning the electronics.
Are there any hard to find / important connections that I should keep my eye out for? What is the best way to clean the sensors and relay connections?
I will also be checking the vacuum system. I found a severed 1/8" line between the valve cover and some small cylinder type thing connected to the intake housing! - Replaced the hose and noticed minor yet positive changes.
Anyone have any tips on Vacuum line checks?
Thankyou for all your inputs.
I am from Yorkshire myself. Lived there for 20 Years and have spent the last 5 here in sunny California. I miss the Local pubs and the Boddingtons ale! Hopefully Milton Keynes is treating you well.- Thanks again

I will let you know the results of the weekend on Monday.


88 300 CE
82 300 SD
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