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Originally Posted by KarTek View Post
If you have access to a scan gauge, you can connect it to verify the boost levels and the MAP sensor operation. Conversely, you can also "T" a standard pressure gauge into the MAP sensor feed to measure boost.

Also, when the car is idling, remove the vacuum line on the waste gate and connect a vacuum gauge to it to verify there is 100% vacuum present. As a test, you can also connect the vacuum supply line going to the transducer directly to the waste gate so you get 100% boost all the time. If you regain your performance doing this, you can take a closer look at the transducer.


The transducers are variable vacuum devices controlled by a PCM signal from the ECU. If you can do with a "on/off" control rather than variable one, you might do well with an EGR purge or "switchover" valve.

ok i hooked the two lines together no change. i cleaned the MAF from all the black smoke from the exhaust leak and it seemed to make a little difference but it could be all in my head. i have a snapon verus scan tool what should the MAF and boost numbers be and under what condition?
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