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Questions about your front of engine work


I also have a 300TD (1983) and found your post after getting stuck mid way through replacing the front crank seal. My spacer ring is stuck, so I removed the upper support, but still can't make the spacer move. I'm going for the puller tool.

While I'm waiting, I have some questions about this work.

Can you pull the SLS pump to replace the gasket without bleeding the system?

Can you tell me more about those bolts by the TDC sensor? The larger upper bolt seems fine on my car, but the lower one, that one that's trapped beneath the sensor bracket, is way loose. I assume I need to pull the larger upper bolt to release the bracket to gain access to the smaller bolt. Are there any alignment issues once I pull the bracket. The indicator for the crank position for valve timing is attached to the larger upper bolt.

Lastly, do you think blue RTV silicone is ok to attach the upper crank holder and for that bolt, or should I invest in the MB stuff?


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