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Thank you macdoe and Govert. Based on your observation and information it does seem that my schwingunsdampfer on my 1984 Euro spec 300D was replaced with an earlier model North American market part, just like macdoe guessed (good call, macdoe.)

I am going to check with my friendly MB parts man just for kicks to see how much the correct one costs new. that's if MB's software will let him access and order the part from the US.

I suspect that I will probably end up using an earlier (79-82) North American version used part, just like the previous owner did. The original part supplied with the car obviously failed and was replaced. I have to think that perhaps a reason for the failure of the replacement was the use of non MB stainless steel bolts (brittle).

I have some time off Monday and Tuesday I'll get a battery in this car and spin the motor a few times to see how the bare balancer looks as far as looseness/wobble as Stretch was legitimately concerned about. I am hoping that I don't need to replace that part also.

As well I will have to figure out how to check the torque on the 27 mm bolt holding every thing on the crank. I don't have a torque wrench with that high a value but I know there is a formula to figure torque using a longer (cheater) fulcrum on a torque wrench, I'll have to dig that formula up.

Govert, thanks for posting the diagrams from the German manual. Nothing like it in the North American market FSM since non turbo 617 motors were not available here in 1982. Plus now I know that I am dealing with a schwingunsdampfer !
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