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Hi. A few comments:
I had a euro spec 300 NA motor some years back which ran good but had a wobbly HB. When we took it apart the nose of the crank was buggered up. Putting on the HB on these engines is tricky business and often damages the front of the crank and the circular keyways. I would be very suspicious of your crank nose being damaged in this way too, so I recommend a very close examination of it by a machinist if possible.

In my case we sourced a US spec crank and used that as a replacement.

In the search for the correct crank we had the chance to sit a na block and a turbo block side by side and found a great many differences. IE the nose of the crank on the turbo motor is longer (and perhaps larger diameter too but cannot remember for sure on the diameter).

The non turbo motor uses on belt and its wider than the two belts used on the turbo motor so it will always slip if you use the narrower belt.

Good luck!
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