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Chads thread is excellent.

Just a week or so ago I replaced the cylinder head on a very overheated 78' non turbo I got my hands on for cheap. The head was cracked around almost every valve, it was nuts. PO was... dumb lol.

My best advice is to get a system of meticulous organization. Box, bag and label everything. I know that is obvious but it's my best advice.

Pulling the little bearing out of the head for the slide rail out was honestly one of the hardest parts. Even with a massive impact it took a lot of PB and repeating. I was starting to think it wasn't going to move.

The job is much easier with an engine hoist and leveler to do the lifting for you, if you have a buddy it's very possible to do it by hand.

Oh and keep tension on the chain at all times, I used a short bungee cord. Can't hurt stuffing a shop towel into the chain valley to prevent sockets from finding their way in there.

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