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Good to see my tread being used here and even happier if it can help someone.
my problem with the sunroof is that it emits annoying rattle just behind the sunroof area.
i am now in process of removing the whole headliner to find the rattle, i am guessing it is somewhere in the sunroof assembly,,
removing the headliner seems like big pain, i have only one half out and not sure if it will go back in, :-(
but the rattle needs to go.

i did paint the headliner with dupli color vinyl paint and it is the way to go.
and now that i have removed sections i can finally vacuum the 42 years of sun baked foam that was falling all over me all the time,

other than that the rest works fine but now that i have most of the things out this is a design with tons of adjustment points causing pain.

Good luck.
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