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Originally Posted by 71inka02 View Post
Thanks all - This is great information.......I'm going to meet with my Indy Tech on Friday - Start the dialogue and see if this can be done without breaking the piggy bank.

I gotta say - I bought the 1970 220D from a man in Oregon (purchase price did not have a comma in it), it had been parked in a barn, only driven around occasionally on their (big) farm...Tags expired in 09, it was very dusty & dirty...I used transport carrier to bring it to NC....I put a new battery in it, topped off the fluids, gave her a good check over, and it's a blast! Its the old skool drive/feel that I first loved about the older diesels. It's not the fastest out of the gate, but once you hit cruising speed & she settles in, its like she gets her second wind.....It's not bad on the hi-way with its solid / heavy feeling ride.....

This 220D has cloth interior....that's a first for me - wondered if its a Euro model, but the headlights are US style....I love the no console, metal rod style shifter with round black knob...for me, that makes it totally cool!
It could still be a Euro model. The headlights are easy enough to swap, and may have been to meet federal or local inspection regs.
From your description, it sounds like your 220D is too nice to be relegatd to a parts-donor.
I know it doesn't have that vintage '50s Ponton style. But besides the slightly higher horsepower, it has a superior heater (if the blower works), brakes, suspension, safety and comfort. It's really the kind of vintage daily driver/highway car your Ponton will never be.
If you still want to upgrade your Ponton, maybe a rusty but running, junker 220D/240D parts-car, or equivalent engine & tranny from a Pick-N-Pull might be a better choice.
Now the '61 180b gasser Ponton I drove many years ago was more of a daily-driver mainly by virtue of it's already having nearly 20 more horsepower than the diesel version. It was still no hot-rod and I sometimes wished for my friend's '60 Ponton 190b gasser, which had another 15 horsepower over my car.
Swapping that 220D engine into yours would only gain maybe 10 horsepower. And your heating and brakes would still be marginal by modern standards.

Happy Motoring, Mark

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