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The reason to have the Motor running was so that when some one stepped on the Brake Pedal during the Bleeding Process the Piston in the Master Cylinder moved only the normal amount. That keeps the Master Cylinder Piston Seals from moving into areas where the Gunk or Rust Pits have built up and messing with the Seals.

However, not starting the Engine won't keep you from bleeding the brakes.

Could it be that the Bleeder Screw passages in the screw or the Caliper are blocked with Rust?
Could it be that the Brake Lines are messed up inside and not allowing the Fluid to reach the Calipers?
There is 2 ports in the Master Cylinder If they get Plugged Fluid will not be sucked into the Master Cylinder. I would try Bleeding the Master Cylinder first to see if anything comes out of it.

Do you have ABS Brakes?

I know when I was a Kid pressing the Pedal I sometimes got My Fathers Instructions reversed and it sucked Air into the Lines.

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