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Won't start after changing primer pump

I have a recently acquired 85 300td. One of the first issues I noticed was a leaky primer pump, so I ordered a new one along with some new return line tubing to replaced some saturated lines I noticed. As I was replacing those yesterday, I also noticed the pre-filter was dirty again. Full of black particulate even though it and the main fuel filter were changed not long ago. As I pulled on the fuel line going to the prefilter air bubbles entered to the bottom, this was repeatable each time I manipulated that particular line. So, I also replaced that line and prefilter. As I pumped the primer it did not seem to fill up the pre filter but was not sure if it was supposed to. Now it won't start. I read about how to bleed the fuel injector lines, so I have done this, but the prefilter is still not filling. I'm pretty sure I did everything correct, it's all pretty simple stuff. There was also a big cloud of white smoke that came out after the longest attempt to start the engine.
Any ideas on what I am missing or what I can try?
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