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MB pays 12 hours to R&R, we add 2-3 hours for preparation sealing recharging and replacing all the vacuum servos (some require near the same labor if done later). At 60 an hour thats $900. The evaporator is $680 MB list but we usually use a copper core aftermarket one that we sell for about $250. The vacuum servos (five different ones) cost anywhere from 18 to 35 dollars each. Drier lists for $88 and we usually use a Hansa or Behr drier for around $70. We could easily offer after market driers for $45 retail. R-12 should be around $100 and changing it about the same. (different oil, fittings labels, extra labor [flushing] and cheaper refrigerant R-134a come to about the same price).

Thats where it goes. I'll tell you that a conscientous tech that is fast but attends to the details can do the job in around six to eight hours. A mediocre tech having not done one in two years will take all of two days to do it right.

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