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Originally Posted by mach4 View Post
Well I got a Gates belt and installed it but the 370 turned out to be too long. I wanted a 365, but all they had was a 360. That turned out to be technically too short, but I made it work. The problem is that my compressor mounting location is extremely tight and range of adjustment is severely limited - engine on one end and subframe on the other.

So I wedged the belt as best I could and then bumped the engine to get it on. It was within a hair of being the right tension without installing the tensioner. It also made the tensioner too short, so I needed to lengthen it 3/4 inch. It's buttoned back up and appears to be working properly, but only time will tell.

The bad news is that if I ever need to change the alternator belts, I'll need to cut this one and get a 365.
It looks like you will have the perfect opportunity to see if this new belt will stretch. It will be easy to find out after adjusting it several times if it comes off without prying.
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