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Originally Posted by 300D-91 View Post
I for one feel a 91 300D will go a long time (or at least I hope mine does ).

Mine was not well maintained but after some work it's a solid car that I recently drove from PA to Montreal two times. You can read a bit about my time with this car, repairs, mods, etc at my Benz-Site (check signature).

As for the transmission, I don't understand the comments in this thread. Personally it's my belief that if you change the fluid and filter regularly it should last. This car had tranny problems when I bought it, but after multiple fluid and filer changes it works perfect.

Most people are religious about oil changes but forget the tranny and diff.
It's been a fairly routine experience of folks on this forum that 250-300k is, in many instances, the upper limit of a 722 tranny's life. Of course, there are some that go much longer....we hope, for example, yours and mine. I know that both of mine (the 91 and 92) have been well maintained for the entirety of their lives, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I will exceed 300k in each case by a good margin. However, in cases where one cannot be confident in prior maintenance history, it seems (obviously) that there's a greater likelihood that maintenance has been neglected and therefore a greater likelihood of a shortened life span. No amount of faithful maintenance going forward can undo damage already done.
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