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The problem: My '91 300TE 4-matic with about 109K on the odometer has been in the shop about 40+ times in the 2.5 years I've owned it. In fact, it's frequent trips to the shop are what brought me to this fine web site where I've received countless excellent commentaries. While every problem has been fixed, there always seems to be another one cropping up. The most recent one is the need to replace the oxygen sensor, plus it needs to have another front axle shaft replaced (the 3rd since I've owned it), and a couple of other things that are becoming a little creaky.

While mine is waiting for parts, I convinced the sales dept to loan me another wagon - a '98 320 4matic wagon with 20K on the odometer and found the car to be not as nice as my '91. It is not anywhere near as quiet, well built, or as good to look at as my '91. Did I say not as quiet? Oops -- it seems that every bump or rough road surface is amplified into a loud boomy rumble inside the large cabin. The noise actually hurts my ears. So this one is a no go. But the real questions are, if you had the choice to continue to fix a car or start over again, what would you do? Also would you buy the same type or perhaps get a different type of cargo carrier - in the name of the ML 320?

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated

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